In proportion to income, in 2017/2018 IMS fees vary from a minimum of about 156 Euros to a maximum of about 4000 Euros per year (for both EU and extra-EU students). Fees have to be paid in two instalments

  • the first, of 156 Euros, is the same for all students and must be paid by the date of enrolment;
  • the second, which varies according to the student’s economic situation (as shown by ISEE/ ISEEU certification), must be paid by January 15th .

Some categories of students are exempted from paying the tuition fees and other contributions, for example in the case of scholarship winners and of those who prove that they are in a low-income bracket. Scholarships are a valid aid for the student, as are easy-term loans.

You may be totally or partially exempted from the payment of fees:

  • due to reasons of merit
  • due to disability
  • because you hold a scholarship
  • because you have brothers and sisters already enrolled at the University
  • because you are a working student.

There are also exemptions which specifically regard foreign students:

  • beneficiaries of scholarships from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • beneficiaries or students eligible for CIDiS scholarships.

Full information on fees and exemptions can be found on the University portal.