If you study at IMS you can count on several different types of scholarships There are various types of scholarships, some of which are aimed specifically at foreign students.

1) Scholarships offered by the Italian government
Intended for non-EU students, these scholarships are offered by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To find out how to obtain a scholarship, you can

  • contact the Italian diplomatic representation
  • consult the Ministry’s website
  • write to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Ministero degli Affari Esteri – Direzione Generale per le Relazioni Culturali – Ufficio IX – piazzale della Farnesina, 1 – 00194 Roma.

2) Scholarships offered by the University and the C.I.Di.S.
Allocated each year to students on different years of courses, the scholarships are awarded according to merit and income, as shown by ISEE/ ISEEU certification. The scholarships are managed and allocated by the C.I.Di.S., and a part of those provided by the University are specifically reserved for non-EU students. In order to apply, you have to contact C.I.Di.S. by 30 September of every year. Detailed information can be found on the University portal, by following the path EDUCATION > Fees, exemptions, scholarships and loans > Scholarships.

3) Scholarships for disabled students
Every year, the University awards scholarships, by means of a competitive examination, to first-year disabled students. Full information can be found in the section EDUCATION > Fees, Exemptions, Scholarships and Loans > Scholarships on the University portal.

4) Unsecured loans
The unsecured loan is a form of financial support at special rates, which can be used by deserving students, independent on the issue of financial or personal guarantees. The amount loaned (typically of the order of 5000 euros per year) has to be repaid upon completion of the course of study or once the student begins working. Generally, each university makes an arrangement with a specific bank. For UNIMI there is currently an active agreement with Intesa San Paolo Bank. Additional information can be obtained here (in Italian).