IMPORTANT: Non UE students resident abroad, who do not have an Italian residence permit, MUST submit a pre-application request to the Italian diplomatic representation in their country of residence from April 13th to July 7th, 2017. This step is MANDATORY to be allowed to enroll in the University if they pass the IMAT. Read more…
PAY ATTENTION to choose the same University in the pre-application form and in the IMAT registration as first choice.

The 2018 IMAT will be on September 13th. Registrations are not possible yet

All the following information are referred to 2017 IMAT.

The 2017 IMAT will be on September 14th. Registrations were possible from JULY 3rd to JULY 25th at 3.00 pm (GMT +1). LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT POSSIBLE IN ANY CASE

Download there the OFFICIAL DECREE and its ANNEXES from the Italian Minister of Education (text in Italian).


Registration for the IMAT takes places ONLY via the Universitaly website. The online registration is mandatory, and the deadline is JULY 25th at 3.00 pm (Italian time). LATE REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT POSSIBLE IN ANY CASE.

During the registration procedure you will be asked:

  • to supply the information required in the selection notice
  • to choose the universities among those listed in the notice
  • to pay the registration fee (120 Euros)

If you choose to take the IMAT at the University of Milan, you must present in person on September 14th 2017 at 12.00 pm. Check here your room for the test in Milan (students will be sorted on the bases of their date of birth, as stated by the Italian ministry of Education). All the room are in Via Celoria 26 in Milan.

If you prefer to take the test abroad you can do it in one of the other certified test locationsNo other location but the ones listed in the document is possible.

For further information about the 2017 IMAT test please refer to the Universitaly or to the Cambridge English Language Assessment websites.