The International Medical School (IMS) is a degree programme in Medicine and Surgery aimed at forming medical doctors who want to belong to the international medical community. Active since 2010, the course is entirely taught in English with lectures from professors of prestigious foreign universities and the possibility of spending periods abroad.

The programme combines teaching, research experience and clinical activity. Overall, students benefit from innovative educational tools, such as problem-based learning (PBL) and interactive sessions in small groups, but also from a strong interdisciplinarity and a broad clinical activity.

The “preclinical” activities (first two years of the programme) are located at the LITA-Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Advanced Technologies (Segrate), which also hosts the Medical Biotechnology Degree students. In the modern LITA campus, equipped with modern teaching and research laboratories, students will work in a welcoming environment with a multimedia science library, reading and conference rooms.

The clinical training, scheduled for the following 4 years, is predominantly held at the campus located at L. Sacco Hospital. This campus, which also hosts the students of the Degree programme in Medicine taught in Italian, is a teaching center equipped to best accommodate students and offer a high clinical mentoring quality.
In addition, students will also have the opportunity to come into contact with other clinical reality in the Milan area, through specialized advanced training modules scheduled in medical centers of excellence affiliated with the University of Milan.

All candidates must sit for the IMAT entrance test (Cambridge assessment), based on 60 questions with multiple choice answers divided into 2 sections: a section of cultures and general logic (30 questions) and a scientific section (biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics (30 questions).